2016 Is Half Full. Are You Mobile Ready?

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According to the US Census Bureau,  only 54% of small businesses have a website.

To be fair, many of the respondents claimed a website was not critical to their business. Fair enough, but maybe their business really could use a site? Another topic for another post.

54% a pretty amazing statistic in and of itself for 2016, but maybe even more alarming is that up to 32% percent of these business have sites that are not mobile ready.

According to the Clutch article, 23% of those with sites claimed they weren’t mobile friendly, and another 9% weren’t sure. I could be going out on a limb here, but if you aren’t sure, chances are your friendliness level is low.

Let’s look at this in a positive way. Out of 100 businesses, only 37 of them are definitely able to handle mobile browsing in a nice, friendly way. So chances are that 63% of your competitors aren’t providing your market with a site that’s easy to navigate on both mobile and desktop devices.

Great news–if you’re in the 37%

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